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Best beautician course in Pune city:

In the heavily competitive world of beauty and hair salon industry we have students visiting us, day in and out asking questions which leads us to write following information –  Kalyani Umrani of Impression International Academy gives answers to few commonly faced questions.  
FAQ) What is the definition of best beauty course or a good beautician course? or
FAQ) What as a student one should look into while joining or while searching for   best beautician course? 
Most of the students / people are thinking about these questions before joining any salon related course.
Quick pointers – 
1) Always look for a academy which is experienced in teaching field for more than 10 to 15 years minimum. 20 to 25 years of experience would be best.

2) Check whether it’s a self owned academy or it’s just a franchised one. If it’s self owned then look for whether there are experienced group of teachers or everything is left to the group of trainers which generally keep changing.

3) Check whether trainers are experienced or they are just the students from recent past batch are employed as teachers for next batch in same academy.                                                                            

4) Don’t just look for academy near your house or office or college as convenience. Sometimes you end up choosing wrong place. Look for good facility at the academy. Huge place for practice, proper equipment, proper lighting, proper infrastructure, recreation area for students, locker facility, lecture rooms, rest room facility, pantry, library, parking facility, convenient public transport, etc…  REMEMBER:  Don’t just visit a salon near your area and never join the class because – you like that salon OR you like the owner OR you know the owner OR You are convinced with just talking to the councilor. ASK FOR – Proper printed syllabus, check for what all quality products they provide for students practice. Check for space allotted for student’s practices. A TYPICAL SALON SET UP WILL NEVER HAVE A PROPER AREA FOR STUDENTS PRACTICES. 

*Check before joining your beautician course or make-up artistry course that you get to see a proper printed syllabus. Ask for a copy of that specific module.

Compare the syllabus, fees, products given for practice with few more institutes who offer beautician courses, hairdressing courses or make-up artistry diploma.

Remember – Don’t get attracted to big names given to a small course which has no content. There are many beauty institutes or makeup institutes which title their courses as “Passport course or Passport diploma” or “International beauty course or International make-up course or International Hairdressing course. But get a REALITY CHECK if they really update you or train you on international level curriculum.

There are very few good institutes or best institutes which offer real-time International degree courses. To name a few Cidesco City & Guilds/ BABTAC/ CIBTAC etc…..

Check for: If the institute is offering any kit or products to the students, check it in detail. Check the quality and quantity. Many academies offer small kits to attract students . Once the small quantity is over students have to buy their own products. Check for quality of products, laundry and good quality of study material. They are very important to make a great career in beauty therapy or hairdressing.

Expert Faculty: Many good institutes invite Doctors, guest lecturers for helping students expand their growth horizons.  Good beautician institutes have doctors on board to teach Anatomy & Physiology of body for their students.

Cidesco diploma students should be exposed to various expert faculties related to the topics. For eg – Photography, special effects in lighting and photography, digital marketing, cosmetology etc….

VISIT AS MANY INSTITUTES AS YOU CAN – Collect lot of data about same course from various beauty institutes, makeup academies/ make up school, hair dressing academies. 


Compare not to judge but to take a right decision.