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Post Graduate Aromatherapy Diploma

Aromatherapy syllabus include:

Natural Sciences

 Anatomy and Physiology Skin/Dermatology

 Aesthetic Treatments (Practical and Theory)

 Cosmetic Surgery Nutrition

Cosmetic Products

 Professional Ethics

Business Studies


Learning Outcomes


 Introduction to Aromatherapy

 Theory minimum

 Definition and History of Aromatherapy

List of prescribed essential oils* 3.2.3 Base and carrier oils)

Essential oil blends

Basic essential oil chemistry

Psychological and physiological effects of essential oils

 Essential oil absorption methods

 Essential oil pathway

 Contra-indications to essential oil use

 Essential oil safety

 Incorporation of essential oils in ancillary use

Anatomy and physiology

 Case Histories

Introduction to Case Histories s

 Professional Ethics pertaining to Aromatherapy practice

Client care and safety

Work station preparation

 Consultation procedure

Consultation sheet

 Pre-treatment cleansing of face and body

 Aromatherapy massage for the face and body

 Massage sequence for face, neck and decollete

 Client after care and home care advice

 Essential oil treatment application options